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Charles Champagne has been making audiences happy for a long time. Above is a vintage poster from his youth when, at age 12, he fronted The Champagne Brothers performances at popular venues including the Ace of Clubs on Old Galveston Road

Charles Champagne is available for interviews and private bookings.  Please email us details about your inquiry and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch.

News Releases:
Press Materials:

Members of the media interested in reviewing Chickawawa are encouraged to request a copy of the album.  Please specify if you would rather receive a hard copy on CD, electronic streaming version (instant delivery) or both.

3 Responses to “Media Inquiries + Bookings”
  1. Vicki Ayo says:

    I’m so happy happy to have found you here. Just finishing a book of Houston 60’s music and have been searching for you to include the Champagne Brothers. This is great!
    Vicki Ayo

  2. Kyle says:

    Headed to Garner State Park in 2 weeks for a big reunion with several people from the 60′ s I hope chickawawa and its Raining are still on the juke box

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