What They’re Saying About…

While we are busy putting the final touches on Charles Champagne’s forthcoming solo release, Chickawawa, we are thinking a lot about what fans will have to say about the new album.  If history is any indication, Charles’ new offering will be fresh and exciting.

While digging through the archives, we found this old poster that shows The Champagne Brothers on stage with just a sprinkling of commentary from fellow musicians, industry big wigs, and even a former First Lady.

Just a few of our favorite comments:

“The Champagne Brothers stole the show in Houston  tonight.” – Everly Brothers backstage at The Coliseum

“It always gives me great pleasure to work with The Champagne Brothers.” – Antoine “Fats” Domino

“The Champagne Brothers are some of the nicest people I know.” – Eddie Arnold

“This is one of the most refreshing young groups I have heard.  They are just fantastic!” – Lady Bird Johnson

“The Champagne Brothers have a knack for drawing a Saturday night crowd on a Monday.” – Billy Jennings, Famous Bandera Ballroom

Did you ever see The Champagne Brothers perform or own one of their many singles?  Let us know what you thought of them in the comments.


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